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Practise your English
Practise your English
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Natalia Tkachenko, teacher of English at Taras Shevchenko Gymnasium, Kropyvnytskyy, Generation Global regional coordinator.

We are living in the XXI century. Our world is a global village where people of different nations, cultures, religions and customs and various origin and appearance live, work and study.

Everybody has the right to live in peace.  However, everybody should respect rights of other people too.

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how-to-cut-a-watermelonI think that here in Ukraine we really need something positive these days. My friend and colleague Kimberly McCoy from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA shared this video with us at her facebook page.

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Have you ever tried a strawberry cheesecake?

This succulent and fragrant fruit is the queen of berries. The Ukrainian strawberry season extends from early May till late June. These days, however, thanks to the increased use of plastic polytunnels, you can buy strawberries even in December. But only the summer strawberries carry amazing flavour and unique taste. Strawberries have long been a key ingredient in Ukrainian summer foods such as strawberries and cream, varenyky or mlyntsi with strawberries. Strawberries are also very popular in classic British summer foods such as Eton Mess, summer pudding, or strawberries and cream.

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Happy belated birthday!

It was Monday morning, May 12th. I greeted my colleague Joseph and asked him about his weekend. He said that yesterday was his birthday and they had a great picnic. I wished him “Happy birthday!” and asked him the appropriate way to congratulate a person on his birthday the next day. In Russian we say, “С прошедшим днем рождения!” He said that in English they say, “Happy belated birthday!”



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