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Generation Global Project is a way to form students’ global competences.

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Natalia Tkachenko, teacher of English at Taras Shevchenko Gymnasium, Kropyvnytskyy, Generation Global regional coordinator.

We are living in the XXI century. Our world is a global village where people of different nations, cultures, religions and customs and various origin and appearance live, work and study.

Everybody has the right to live in peace.  However, everybody should respect rights of other people too.

 As a teacher of English, that is the language of global communication, I feel myself a part of world community and I can better realize the importance and advantages of educating our students as world citizens.

My colleagues in Taras Shevchenko Gymnasium involve our school students in various international projects and one of them is Generation Global that was established by TonyBlairFoundation. I fully agree with Tony Blair, ex-Prime -Minister of Great Britain who said in his interview about this project that educating the next generation is one of the main ways to peace.

Generation Global project is aimed at educating young people of various religions and cultures to secure peace worldwide. It is essential to form their awareness of diversity of traditions, cultures and religions so that could be able to establish friendly and peaceful relations with people of different countries and opinions and with people in their own communities.

What is more, thanks to this programme we can form students’ global competences that are very important for young people of the XXI century, e.g., cooperation, critical thinking, communication, creativity and others. Students can get new knowledge, develop their effective listening skills, get some experience of having a dialogue with representatives of various cultures and can better learn and exchange information about family and community values and country in general. They begin to better realize the necessity to understand and respect values and traditions of other people.

In addition, students get excitement and good emotions. They overcome the language barrier, learn manners and skills of business English communication.
Schools registered in this project can be involved in 2 main activities, I mean online video conferences and team blogging. Teachers are able to choose an activity from the schedule. There are also guest video conferences where students have an opportunity to speak to experts in global issues. The teachers take an advantage of Generation Global programme as it provides a lot of up-to-date resources for teachers to use at lessons, to prepare students for video conferences and team blogging.

The main themes that are discussed by young people are devoted to Peace Day, Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Festivals and Traditions, Story Telling, Hate Speech.
Students of Taras Shevchenko Gymnasium have had online dialogues with their peers from India, the UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Canada, the UK and Italy. We had some conferences with our partners from Odesa, Myrhorod and Okhtyrka.

Schools from India are our most frequent partners in dialogues, and students call each other friends..e.g., we have had 2-3 VCs with IISAR Foundation Higher Secondary School who called us friends during our last VC with them and it was such a nice surprise for my school students.

We have discussed such themes as Festivals, Values and Beliefs of communities, Art of Expression including beauty in communities and ways of expression it in different religions by means of Art/paintings and architecture; Malaria, Human Rights, Women’s Rights and Hate Speech including 2 guest conferences with international experts.
This Internet environment is protected and safe for teachers and students, so teachers can easily join this project following the link www.generation.global and register their school or you can contact me via email: ngarashchenko@ukr.net.

Наталія Григорівна Ткаченко, викладач англійської мови гімназії ім.  Т.Г.Шевченка (м. Кропивницький)

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