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The Advantages of Using Oxford Exam Excellence

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the-advantages-of-using-oxford-exam-excellenceNatalia Tkachenko
Gimnasium №5, Kirovograd


My colleagues and I have been using Oxford Exam Excellence in grade 11 to prepare students for secondary school exams and for the National Independent Testing since 2009.

It is a complete training course book that has a lot of advantages. It covers all basic school themes that are explored in 12 Units and every unit has 2 levels, B1 and B2 that practise speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Another plus is exam tips that give some instructions and advice about what to make emphasis while doing a task. In addition, there is the smart key where learners can get to know why answers are correct.

Furthermore, this course book is provided with a full support that includes Speaking Bank, Writing Bank, Word Bank and a Smart CD. Speaking Bank gives a list of the most common phrases; Writing Bank covers formal and informal letters, essays, an example of an article, a book review and useful phrases; Word Bank provides with the main vocabulary to each theme and subtheme. Smart CD contains various texts and interviews that can be printed out and transformed according to the learning objective.

All materials are authentic, informative and interesting that make learning motivating.

Exam Excellence can be used both in class and for individual practice.

Thanks to Oxford Exam Excellence, my colleagues’ and our students’ efforts, our school leavers get good results at the National Independent Testing.

More information about Oxford Exam Excellence

Календарно-тематичне планування до НМК Oxford Exam Excellence

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  • Комментировать Дарья Вторник, 23 Декабря 2014 13:17 написал Дарья

    Dear Natalia Grygorivna thank you for using this excellent book, it is really helpfull and usefull,as you have described but I'm sure a great book is only one wing of a bird and your way of tuition is the other one. I beleive the combination of these factors always gives a result.

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