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The Headway Scholarship Competition 2014

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the-headway-scholarship-competition-2014-1Hanna Dudich,
an English teacher from Taras Shevchenko Gymnasium, Kirovohrad, Ukraine.


Dear colleagues, this summer I had a wonderful experience of attending English Language Teachers’ Summer Seminar in Exeter College, Oxford. I had a chance to meet famous material writers and educators like Adrian Underhill, Julie Moore, Edmund Dudley, Hanna Kryszewska, John Hughes, Philip Lloyd and some others. I also enjoyed communicating with 60 teachers from 25 countries. It all became possible because I teach English using Headway textbooks. I took part in Headway Scholarship Competition and became one of the six winners. Let me share with you my impressions of using Headway textbooks.

I have been teaching English using Headway textbooks for 15 years. I strongly believe that Headway makes a difference to students, teachers and community. Headway course books are my true companions on a challenging and exciting way of teaching English as a foreign language. Headway authors are like old friends. In fact, I can boast now that I’ve befriended Liz Soars, the author of Headway books. Actually, she established the Headway Scholarship which makes it possible for six English teachers from all over the world to attend professional development seminars in Oxford. Let me show you how Headway makes a difference.

Headway makes a difference to teachers. When I came to school after graduating from the pedagogical university I was really worried about my first lesson. Fortunately, Headway teachers’ books turned out to be really helpful. They carefully guided me and helped to make my lessons successful.

After using Headway for nearly 15 years I can say that it combines the best examples of traditional methodology and new approaches. Thanks to Headway I and my colleagues learned to apply communicative approach, personalization, jigsaw activities, interactive exercises and differentiation.

Our school has become a mecca for all innovative educators of the region. We share our positive experience of using Headway with colleagues from other schools by conducting demonstrative lessons, professional development seminars and workshops for young English teachers. We cooperate with our city Methodological Centre and Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Development.

Constant updates of Headway textbooks motivate English teachers of our school for continuous professional development. For example, last year one of my colleagues became a regional finalist of the annual educational contest “The best English teacher of the year”; I became a Microsoft Teacher Expert and had a chance to attend Microsoft Global Forum in Spain. The project which I presented at the forum took the third place in the nomination “the best collaborative project”. It was successful because a lot of activities in Headway are based on group and pair work. With the help of this textbook students learn to cooperate, to work together in order to achieve a common goal.

Another positive aspect of Headway is its digital components. They consist of iTools, iTutor and iChecker. iTools is a software for interactive whiteboards, iTutor is a digital component of a students’ book and iChecker accompanies workbooks. There is also a Teachers’ Resource Disk which goes with the teachers’ book and allows teachers to modify unit tests and to use extra materials. Headway digital components help teachers to differentiate material and make our lessons more modern and effective. We often conduct lessons with the help of interactive whiteboard and invite other English teachers to learn it from us.

Headway makes a difference to students. Our students can not only read and write in English. With the help of Headway we teach them 21 century skills. They can successfully communicate and interact with others in English. We enjoy working on collaborative projects with students from our partner schools in foreign countries.

Headway authentic audio and video material help to develop students’ listening skills, interesting texts promote active reading and vocabulary development, questions in “What do you think?” section generate active class discussions which sometimes would continue even after the bell.

Our students are confident in their knowledge of English. Every year our students become winners of city and regional English language Olympiads and finalists of various EFL competitions. Every year our students become finalists of international educational programmes like FLEX, HMC or Adcote school competition and get a chance to study in Great Britain or the USA.

Students enjoy using Headway. A recent survey conducted by our school administration shows that English is the most favourite subject in our educational establishment (76% of students think so).

6) Він має розділ Word List, який нагадує міні словничок, де зібраний лексичний мінімум до кожного розділу разом з прикладами вживання у реченнях, що дає можливість краще запам’ятовувати нові слова.

Headway makes a difference to community. As I see it, this is like a chain reaction. Headway helps to shape innovative educators, they teach a new generation of open minded individuals who, in their turn, are capable of living in a global society and bringing positive changes to community.

During my stay at Exeter College a Headway team made a wonderful video. All Headway Scholarship winners talk about the advantages of using Headway textbooks. I would like to share this video with you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCLDpnZ-9Dk

Conducting-a-workshop-for-young-teachers-with-a-colleagueConducting a workshop for young teachers with a colleague.






Using-digital-components-at-the-English-lessonUsing digital components at the English lesson.






Students-get-diplomas-for-participation-in-EFL-competitionsStudents get diplomas for participation in EFL competitions.







Beautiful-grounds-of-Exeter-CollegeBeautiful grounds of Exeter College.






Liz-Soars-the-author-of-Headway-is-signing-a-copy-of-the-textbookLiz Soars, the author of Headway, is signing a copy of the textbook.






The-winners-of-2014-Headway-Scholarship-with-Headway-books-and-the-author-Liz-SoarsThe winners of 2014 Headway Scholarship with Headway books and the author Liz Soars.

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  • Комментировать Vanda Levchenko Четверг, 20 Ноября 2014 17:48 написал Vanda Levchenko

    I have been working with these books for many years. I think that they are really interesting and useful. They help to develop all skills.Children like working with them. And of course they make teaching process easier and brighter. It is a real pleasure to work with them.

  • Комментировать Дьяконенко Татьяна Вторник, 18 Ноября 2014 17:38 написал Дьяконенко Татьяна

    I completely agree with Hanna that it is a real pleasure to work with this book. As well as others at our school I have been using this book for more than 15 years. I know for sure that it has good and bad sides. Hanna has mentioned above that the book supports us with everything we need for successful work. But I have to mention that in spite of Headway, Hanna does all her best to make her lessons more interesting and catching. I have known her as a goal seeking person, who improves and cultivates her teaching abilities. Books are nothing without creative teachers.

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