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How to cut a watermelon

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how-to-cut-a-watermelonI think that here in Ukraine we really need something positive these days. My friend and colleague Kimberly McCoy from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA shared this video with us at her facebook page.







This is James Calvin's physical therapist showing us how to cut a watermelon.James-Calvins-1

If you are not registered on facebook, you can use this link to see the video.

“Will certainly try this,” – wrote Kim after having seen that fun video.







Here are some more facebook comments from native speakers on this topic.

image001Cherry Chick Jewelry Whoa...I've been doing it all wrong!


artfire comArtfire.com Same here! Let's go buy a watermelon right now and make things right lol


image003Shelley Koogle In theory it seems great. If I tried it, It wouldn't be that wonderful


artfire comArtfire.com You never know, it might actually be as easy as this man makes it look. Although he definitely looks like he's had some experience. The point is: it doesn't hurt to try

frank marglonFrank Marglon The Man has 'SKILLS'. Thanks for showing this.


artfire comArtfire.com For sure! He has the whole technique down.


Kessandra JacksonKessandra Jackson Awesome!!

Georgette BoldenGeorgette Bolden Wow !!

Carol Francine OakesCarol Francine Oakes I have a watermelon that size in the fridge. I'm going to try it neat.

You should also see this hilarious video showing a young woman cutting a watermelon on the floor.

A berry or fruit?

The watermelon is one of the most popular summertime fruits. This cooling, sweet king of fruit is also very healthy.

By the way, is a watermelon a berry or fruit?

Here are some interesting facts from Wikipedia.

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus, family Cucurbitaceae) is a vine-like (scrambler and trailer) flowering plant originally from southern Africa. Its fruit, which is also called watermelon, is a special kind referred to by botanists as a pepo, a berry which has a thick rind (exocarp) and fleshy center (mesocarp and endocarp). Pepos are derived from an inferior ovary, and are characteristic of the Cucurbitaceae. The watermelon fruit, loosely considered a type of melon – although not in the genus Cucumis – has a smooth exterior rind (usually green with dark green stripes or yellow spots) and a juicy, sweet interior flesh (usually deep red to pink, but sometimes orange, yellow, or white).


Have you read this paragraph to the end and understood everything? Wow! I think you are really smart. Having tried to read it, I felt discomfort. It has too many terms in Latin and some new vocabulary. There is always another problem in English. If you are not a native speaker, you never know how to pronounce a new word. You should always look it up in the dictionary. It’s really frustrating. But if you want to become a perfect teacher, you should do that. So, I’ve decided to solve this problem and improve my English on this topic. You can join me. I added to my English - Russian vocabulary below some words you may know, just in case if someone needs them to feel comfort.

vine-like лозоподобный
vine [va?n] 1) виноградная лоза; 2) вьющееся или ползучее растение
scrambler [?skr?mbl?] цепляющееся, вьющееся растение
trailer [?tre?l?] стелющееся растение
pepo [?pi?p??] тыква, тыквина (тип плода)
rind [ra?nd] кора; кожура; шелуха
fleshy [?fl???] мясистый, сочный
inferior [?n?f??r??] нижний
ovary [???v(?)r?] 1) анат. яичник; 2) бот. завязь
loosely [?lu?sl?]широко
genus [?d?i?n?s] биол. род, вид
smooth [smu??] гладкий, ровный
exterior [?k?st??r??], [?k-] внешний, наружный
stripe [stra?p] полоса
spot [sp?t] пятно
interior [?n?t??r??] внутренний
flesh [fl??] мякоть, мясо (плода); мышечная ткань; мясистая часть (плода)

Кавун (Citrullus vulgaris) — баштанна культура родини гарбузових, з якої древні українці в 12 столітті робили каву.

Вирощується в районах з великим сонячним випромінюванням. В Україні традиційним центром виробництва баштанних культур є Херсонська область, де щорічно збирається понад 50% урожаю кавунів у державі.


Арбу?з обыкнове?нный (лат. Citr?llus lan?tus) — однолетнее травянистое растение, вид рода Арбуз (Citrullus) семейства Тыквенные (Cucurbitaceae).

Бахчевая культура. Плод — тыквина[2], шаровидной, овальной, уплощённой или цилиндрической формы; окраска коры от белой и жёлтой до тёмно-зелёной с рисунком в виде сетки, полос, пятен; мякоть розовая, красная, малиновая, реже — белая и жёлтая. Тыквина морфологически (по строению) схожа с ягодой.


Culture Note

Watermelon in the work of artists

I have found a wonderful blog about Ukrainian artists, their lives and work.

Kateryna Vasylivna Bilokur-2Kateryna Vasylivna Bilokur
(Ukrainian: Катерина Василівна Білокур; 7 December 1900 – 10 June 1961) was a Ukrainian folk artist born in the Kiev Oblast. After an unpromising start, her works became known in the late 1930s and 1940s for their interest in nature. She was named People's Artist of Ukraine.


You can see two still lives with a watermelon by this famous Ukrainian artist.




natyurmort-kavun-morkva-kvIti-Katerina-BIlokur-3Натюрморт "Кавун, морква, квіти" (1951), Катерина Білокур
Watermelon, carrots, flowers, still life (1951) by Kateryna Bilokur

We don’t usually translate proper names but I like this Google translation. Just for having fun.

Still "watermelon, carrot flowers" (1951), Catherine Blond.









Натюрморт (1960), Катерина Білокур

Still life (1960) by Kateryna Bilokur

There is another masterpiece with a watermelon.

Still-life-1960-by-Kateryna-Bilokur-2Watermelon and other fruit in Boris Kustodiev's Merchant's Wife (1918)





A square watermelon!? Are you kidding?

Have you ever tried a square watermelon?

cubic-watermelon-from-Japan-2This cubic watermelon from Japan is a real winner among the other fruit.

By the way, should we write ‘fruit’ or ‘fruits’ at the end of this sentence? Does anybody know?

The video shows the technique of growing a square watermelon. Unfortunately, it is not eatable. It is just a gift. You can only see and touch it. This agricultural cubism is a part of Japanese culture.

Below are some comments on the video.

carlos reyes

Carlos Reyes +peterawesomeness1Plenty of people would spend money on that. It is part of Japanese culture to give fruit gifts for certain occasions. This trend basically started to fill a very niche market.

Nicole Scott

Nicole ScottI can get behind watermelon bondage, placed in metal box, forced to be square. Not for eating just for touching & looking. Only in Japan! lol #Bondage



carlos reyes

Carlos ReyesYeah, I know, I was talking about the manufacturer of the watermelons. My point was that nobody would waste money on making a bunch of fake square watermelons when they could grow real ones. DJBlingHedgecat is dumb and thinks they're fake.


????Nuclear watermelon from Japan


Japanese Farmer Creates World's First Heart-Shaped Watermelon

japanese farmer creates heart shaped watermelonThere is another Japanese agricultural masterpiece of the kind. Hiroichi Kimura, a farmer from Kumamoto Prefecture, Hokkaido can wake up every morning with a smile knowing that he accomplished something quite unique with his life – and that is to grow the world’s first watermelon in the shape of a heart. This heart-shaped watermelon is not only a present but it is also delicious food. Would you like to have such a gift?




PandaWatch • 11 months ago

I was driving down the highway just a couple of weeks ago and noticed a sign for watermelon... for $1. I've read this heart shaped watermelon costs an upwards of $100... So, no thanks. When it comes to watermelon, I'll take quantity over quality (even though the quality probably isn't too different)

Read more and see the videos





3 комментарии

  • Комментировать Елена Судакова Понедельник, 04 Августа 2014 07:33 написал Елена Судакова

    Olga wrote
    “My daughter asked, if I knew what the english was for "толстая кожура", "сочная мякоть". I remembered your email and told "thick rind" and "juicy flesh" Was I correct?:)”

    You can say that.

    I looked up for more synonyms in the Oxford dictionary.
    watermelon noun the large melon-like fruit of a plant of the gourd family, with smooth green skin, red pulp, and watery juice.

    gourd [???d] бот. тыква, любое растение из рода тыквенных (лат. Cucurbita)
    smooth [smu??] прил. гладкий, ровный; скользкий (о поверхности)
    skin [sk?n] кожица, кожура (о покрове растений)
    pulp [p?lp] плоть, мякоть; мякоть плода

  • Комментировать Olga Среда, 30 Июля 2014 09:14 написал Olga

    Thanks a lot for the article.Yesterday we bought a big juicy watermelon. (Not bad, but I like sweeter ones). My daughter asked, if I knew what the english was for "толстая кожура", "сочная мякоть". I remembered your email and told "thick rind" and "juicy flesh" Was I correct?:)

  • Комментировать Kate Понедельник, 28 Июля 2014 13:37 написал Kate

    A square watermelon!? Looks Great! Frankly speaking don't believe it is tasty. However,a "fresh" present :)

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