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Happy belated birthday!

It was Monday morning, May 12th. I greeted my colleague Joseph and asked him about his weekend. He said that yesterday was his birthday and they had a great picnic. I wished him “Happy birthday!” and asked him the appropriate way to congratulate a person on his birthday the next day. In Russian we say, “С прошедшим днем рождения!” He said that in English they say, “Happy belated birthday!”

Are Ukrainians superstitious?

My American student Sarah is married to a Ukrainian man, Igor. They have two wonderful children: a three-year-old son, Nickolas and a two-year-old daughter, Oksana. One day Sarah complained that her mother-in-law was too superstitious. Nickolas had a birthday on Monday and Sarah decided to celebrate it on the weekend. Her mother-in-law told her not to do that. She explained that in Ukraine it is believed that if you celebrate your birthday before the date, something bad can happen to you. Sarah was really disappointed. She said that in America it is OK to celebrate holidays and special family events earlier on the weekends. Everybody knows that July 4th is the Independence Day in America. It is usually celebrated on the first Saturday in July and it doesn’t matter if it is July 2nd. Nobody cares. On this day Americans just enjoy spending time with their families and having a barbecue and lots of fun.

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